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Where To Stay

Weyburn’s accommodations are sure to suit everyone, with the array of options including hotels, bed...

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Where to Shop

Weyburn’s shopping experience offers the best of both worlds – the convenience and familiarity of...

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Where To Eat

If you like food, come to Weyburn! Weyburn offers everything from bakery’s to a ice...

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Weyburn's 2020 Visitor Guide

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Things To Do

Located in the heart of Southeast Saskatchewan, at the junction of Highway 13, 35 and 39 Weyburn is called the “Opportunity City”. With a rapidly growing population, Weyburn’s vibrant economy has created opportunities for people from all over the world to visit, live and do business in Weyburn. WELCOME TO WEYBURN!


Arts & Culture

Explore Weyburn’s past and celebrate our culture through our galleries...

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Beyond Weyburn

Just outside of Weyburn, take a short drive and discover...

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The process of getting knowledge or skill that is obtained...

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Enjoy the outdoors during every season by visiting Weyburn's numerous...

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