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Chris Funk The Wonderist

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Chris Funk The Wonderist

Chris Funk the Wonderist - Weyburn, SK
Feb 06, 2020
Cugnet Centre, 629 King St., Weyburn,

Witness the dynamic and mind-blowing magic show that has entertained and amazed audiences across the globe! Chris Funk’s magic show is an engaging experience that will impress audiences and have them talking for years to come. The show is something that can only be described as “refreshingly different!” The live-feed camera and interactive videos bring audiences up close to the action, delivering a show that everyone can call their own. Chris Funk has designed a show that truly encourages audience members to discover Wonder while laughing, smiling, gasping with amazement and really experiencing a “Child-like Sense of Awe” along the way. Click here for more information Chris Funk the Wonderist.

Tickets are available at:

  • Old Fashion Foods (122-3rd Street, Weyburn)
  • Music Craft (215 Railway Avenue, Weyburn)
  • Weyburn Review (904 East Avenue, Weyburn)

E-transfer is now available! To purchase tickets via e-transfer, please contact us at or visit our Facebook page.