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Prairie Debut presents meagan&amy

Weyburn Tourism welcomes you

Prairie Debut presents meagan&amy

meagan&amy - Weyburn, Sk
Nov 29, 2019
Cugnet Centre, 629 King St., Weyburn,

meagan&amy share an intense passion for interesting programming and fearless music-making. Pianist Meagan Milatz and violinist Amy Hillis formed this musical union in 2011. They were selected the winner for a Pan-Canadian tour offered by Debut Atlantic, Jeunesses Musicales Canada, and Prairie Debut in 2019-2020. The duo will share with audiences across Canada a unique program, that reflects their Saskatchewan origins, their Montreal studies, their international musical experiences, and music that ha inspired them along the way. meagan&amy’s program includes works by celebrated European masters and by composers from across Canada. This tour, Road Trip! A Pan-Canadian Partnership, will not only be a partnership of the touring networks, but a partnership of composers, and a partnership of artistic excellence. It is a pleasure to welcome Meagan Milatz back home to Weyburn and celebrate her success! Click here for more information on meagan&amy.

Tickets are available at:

  • Music Craft (215 Railway Avenue, Weyburn)2019-11-2
  • Old Fashion Foods (122 – 3rd Street, Weyburn)
  • Weyburn Review (904 East Avenue, Weyburn)

E-transfer is now available! To purchase tickets via e-transfer, please contact us at or visit our Facebook page.